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Are you trying to decide which system is right for you?

Can the vendor deliver what you want?


We can

manage the implementation of your project to ensure

you receive the full benefits of your chosen solution.


Our job is to make change management simple. 

So you can minimise the impact on your  business.  

Innovate Consulting

Innovate Consulting offers a full business management consultancy service.  Our aim is to identify your requirements and to deliver a solution tailored specifically to you, to increase your profits and efficiency.  We provide a complete solution, which encompasses the selection and implementation of business software.  

By working with Innovate Consulting you will receive an objective and impartial service to undertake change management within your organisation. 


We will manage the full lifecycle of your project using methodologies such as Prince II, leaving you free to continue the effective running of your company. 


Customer service is key – we will work with your relevant personnel to ensure your needs are met to the highest standard.


We have 45 years’ experience across sectors including; manufacturing, distribution, telecoms, construction, and customer service and facilities management. 


Choosing the correct software is critical for a successful project. A structured approach will help to protect your investment and promote a successful implementation


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